Lori Pickens

Food on Demand


So even though we had a scheduled dinner time, you could pretty much get food any time you wanted throughout the day.

This is Sorrento’s; it was a pizza shop on the Promenade deck. It was open from 11am to 3pm.



You always had the option of getting a slice or two of the ready made pizzas on the right or you could have them make you your own customized pizza. The bar on the left had a display of toppings that you could pick from, and they would change out a few of the topping choices each day.



Just across the way from Sorrento’s was the Park Cafe. It was open pretty much all the time. It had little sandwiches, pastries, cookies, coffee, milk, and drinks.



The place we ate most of our breakfast and lunches was at the Windjammer Marketplace. It was basically a big buffet that had a wide variety of foods.



On the pool deck they also had frozen yogart locations. It was nice on a warm day to go up and get a cone. They shut those down at 6pm, which in my opinion was too early, but it was nice to have during the day.

They also had chocolate, strawberry, and mixed-swirl options. Nathan just happened to have vanilla during his photo opp.


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