Lori Pickens

My Life at 28


With my birthday quickly approaching, I realized that I haven’t made my annual layout about my life at 28 yet. I always try to do a layout like this every year just to kind of remember where I am at in my life and the things that are important to me at the time.

Journaling reads:

This has been the most incredible year! It started with months of frustration and worrying while we struggled to get pregnant, and now I sit here so happy to say that we are currently expecting twin boys. My entire life is consumed with planning for the babies. Every book I read, everything I put in my body, everything that I do is followed by the thought of how it will affect our boys. I?m constantly saying that I basically feel like being an incubator is my only purpose in life.

We are pretty well settled into our new house. It?s finally furnished and I have really enjoyed decorating it. And we are certainly filling it up faster than I expected we would. I feel blessed every day to and can still hardly believe that I get to call this amazing place home.

I am currently working as a Financial Systems Analyst. This is the first time in ten years that I?m not working in an IT office. I mainly made the switch because this office is so geared around telework and gives me a lot of flexibility. So far, I?m thrilled with the move and feel it was the best thing for our family and the place that I am in my life. My photography business has been more successful than I ever expected and feel good about my second year ?in the biz?.



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