Lori Pickens

36 Weeks


Well… we made it to 36 weeks! There was a time I thought we would never make it to this day with the babies inside. Technically babies are still considered premature until 37 weeks, but I feel like I can finally sigh a big sigh of relief knowing that if the babies were delivered today, they would most likely be perfectly fine. Lots of babies are born at 36 weeks and don’t have to stay any extended time in the hospital.

Nathan sent me a link to website today with this picture of twins in the womb at 36 weeks. It’s actually seems really close to what our babies probably look like in there. Both boys are head down and they each have their own sac and placenta. Last we checked the boys were more side by side (Baby A on my left side and Baby B on my right) instead of front to back like the picture, but you get the idea.


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