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Landscape Plans


We’re supposed to have some nice weather tomorrow, so Nathan decided to switch his day off from Friday to tomorrow in order to work on the landscaping. This all meant that we needed to have plants picked out by tomorrow.

So he and I took a few hours off today to go look at plants. We went to four or five different landscape places and priced some things out. After we decided which plants we liked, we can home and I photoshopped a few ideas out.

This is the front of our house. It’s always hard to tell how much space you actually have when you do something like this, so we may end up with more or less plants, but at least this gives us a starting point.

Working left to right:

The round green ones are Boxwoods. They are deer resistent, an evergreen, and can be shapped nicely.

The round red one near the porch is a barberry. These can be shapped, and they stay a burgandy red color most of the year.

The green grass looking thing is a varigated lirope. They are yellow and green, stay small and just make nice filler items.

The blue-ish color plant is a blue star juniper. We decided these added some variety and can also be trimmed and shapped.

The red plant in the middle is a Japanese maple. This is going to be the main focal point of our landscaping. We are getting one of the ones that doesn’t get taller than 4 ft or so, and just spreads out some. They have some at Casey’s landscaping that are beautiful. They are a few years old, so they already have that neat shape to them. We are pretty excited about this one!

The white bushes on either side of the Japanese maple are called Knock Out roses. They come in several different flower colors, but we thought white would be neat for the front. They are supposed to bloom from May until November, which will be really pretty. They also do not require maintenance or pruning like other rose bushes. They do have thorns though, which is the only part I’m a bit concerned about.

The green little tree is called a Bird’s Nest. It is actually a small bush grafted onto a trunk. They are so cool looking. Since it is grafted, we don’t have to worry about it getting any taller than it already is.

Everything else is a repeat of something on the other side.

We are thinking a medium to dark brown mulch will coordinate with the front door color pretty well.



This is the area in the back of the house. Right now the area in front of the wall is all dirt and it gets the patio muddy all the time. It will be nice to have this all finished and avoid that.

Again working left to right:

This pink/orange/yellow flowering bush is called a Totally Awesome – need I say more…

The green circles are boxwoods. Again, deer resistent and they stay green. Just an ovearll nice staple.

The middle is a PJM Rhododendron. These are a really pretty almost purplish flower. They are similar to a regular rhododendron, but they have a smaller leaf and overall are much smaller in size.

Another boxwood.

Knock out roses in either a pink or red flower.



The guys have to spend some time cleaning out and leveling the landscape beds before they can start planting anything, so it will be a full day’s work. I’ll let you know how it looks tomorrow and the progress we’ve made.

Anyone want to make bets on how close my pictures will look to what we actually do?

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