Lori Pickens

Front Landscaping


Nathan and my dad worked all day and got our front landscaping all finished up. I think it looks great. It will certainly look a little better when everything starts blooming and opening up, but I really like the layout.

It actually ended up being exactly like my Photoshop sketch with the addition of the yellow mop in front of the Japanese maple. I’ll take another picture of it when everything starts to bloom and you can see more of the different colors.



This is the Japanese Maple we got. I just love it! It’s several years old, so it already has that unique shape we were looking for. It’s not supposed to get much taller than this and will just start to fill out some.



When we first bought our property and started to build the house, my grandma said she wanted to buy us a tree. I thought it was such a neat idea! I called her the other evening after we had picked out some plants, and she said she wanted this one to be “her tree”. Even though I’m 100% convinced that my grandma will always be around anyway, I think it is so neat to know that every day when I walk up to the house, I will see a reminder of her.

It’s kind of hard to tell from the picture, but this tree is going to be really pretty when it starts to bloom a little more.

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