Lori Pickens

Introducing Geoffrey


I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family: Geoffrey

Lots young couples will get a puppy or kitten before they have kids. We got a dust buster.
Lots of couples will spend time cleaning up after their sweet, new puppy. Geoffrey cleans up after us. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me…



When Mom and I were in Columbus on Tuesday, I had plans to getting a Roomba. It was becoming a full-time job to keep up with all these floors, and I had heard good things about the Roomba. When we got to Bed Bath and Beyond, sitting on the shelf next to the Roomba was The Mint, aka Geoffrey. He was about half the price of the Roomba and specialized with hardwood floors and tile. He works with Swifter dusting cloths and mopping pads, which is great.

Nathan questioned his skills at first, but it is pretty hard to deny the dust that he has on his pad when he is all finished with a room. With his little GPS cube, he can do up to four rooms. It’s actually pretty impressive to watch.

Nathan also worried about him when he went full speed towards the edge of the stairs. But somehow when he got out on the edge, he stopped, backed himself up and and turned around.

Although,he did get himself stuck under the couch, freaked out, and Nathan had to come and save him. He also got in trouble for messing up the presents under the tree. See, he’s more like a puppy than you thought….

Seriously though… I think Geoffrey is pretty awesome and is highly recommended if you want to keep your floors well dusted.

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