Lori Pickens

Happy Fourth of July


Happy Fourth of July!!! We had a great day with of family fun. Yesterday we spent the day out at the river lot with my family. We played a good bit of cornhole and did some cooking out. We play cornhole with the Pickens side of the family all the time, but not as much with the Rebers. Their lack of experience was certainly not showing though, because Justin and Heather kicked all of our butts! Heather is a seriously awesome cornhole player. I?m not sure she ever took a turn where she didn?t put at least one in the hole and most of the others on the board. At one point in the evening, after she had crushed Justin in a singles game, she looked at him and said, ?You know our kids are going to be athletic because of me, don?t you?? LOL That line is going to make for an excellent scrapbook page?


Today we spent the afternoon at the river lot with both sides of Nathan?s family. We had a big cookout, rode the jet skis, and played with the babies. This is baby Dawson and Baby Isley


For dinner Grandma Reber made prime rib and all the fixings. Overall it was a pretty wonderful day!

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