Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


So you may have noticed a few new things going on with the blog. I thought I would use the Five on Friday this week to highlight a few of them.

Five things I’m lovin’ about the new blog…

1.) Multiple photos. I now have the ability to upload more than one photo per blog post.

2.) New, bigger blog header. I figured it was time to update the blog header. Not only is it a more up-to-date photo, but it is a little bit taller and I think it fits the blog style better.

3.) Archives. My brother set up the blog archive system so that just the more recent entries will show up on the home page – this should speed up the loading time when you visit the blog. You can still find all of the old entries sorted by date in the Archives section of the blog.

4.) Categories. At the bottom of each post, you should see a “posted in” section. I’m hoping to get all of the entries categorized that way if someone comes and is only interested in reading the posts about Faith or only wants to see the recipe entries, he/she can open just that category of posts.

5.) Comments. You now have the ability to leave comments! So if you stop by and have something to say about one of the posts, I’d love to hear it. Plus it lets me know that someone actually reads all of my rambling 🙂

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