Lori Pickens

Happy 1st Birthday Brody!


Today Brody turns one, and his mama sent me this photo on her phone. Every day that he has been in our lives has an absolute blessing, and I know he has brought more joy to his family than any one little guy possibly can.

He is my only nephew. He likes to suck on his index and middle fingers. He is a very mellow baby, and is pretty much happy all the time. When he is tired, he will let you know it. He is a Mama’s Boy through and through. His big sisters are very protective of him, which typically means he’s not allowed to play with anything. The boy will make drums out of anything that he can hit together to make noise. His happy little smile and big brown eyes can light up a room. He is one very lucky little boy, and is loved more than he will ever know.

Happy Birthday Sweet Brody Boy!!!


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