Lori Pickens

Christmas Day


We spent Christmas day at my parent’s house. We decided mom’s theme this year must have been emergency preparedness! She bought us all chargable flash light/night light adapters for our house and a flash light that you can crank a handle to power for the cars.

I’m not sure if she knows something we don’t, but we appreciate the sentiment either way. I love Justin’s fake excitement face below – cracks me up!





This lovely present would be from Dad. Can you tell he wrapped it himself? The box really wasn’t that big, so I’m not sure why he felt the need to use like 6 different kinds of paper…

It had Justin and Heather’s wooden bird feeder inside, just in case you were curious.



This lovely package on the other hand was mine. I love everything Pottery Barn, and I even love how they gift wrap 🙂



Inside was my awesome teal jewelry box. The color matches our master bedroom perfectly. yay!



The BIG news of the day of course was that Justin and Heather are expecting. They wrapped a binky up for Grandma and had her open it as a surprise. The first thing she said was, “I don’t like for babies to have binkies!” Perfect Grandma Reber response if I ever heard one~! We tried to explain that it was more symbolic of the news, but she insisted that was fine, but she would not be giving it to any of her great-grandbabies.

Overall, she was super excited though. She even wanted a new label for her sweatshirt, so she could show off her new title. She looks like one proud Great-Grandma to me!


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