Lori Pickens

Glass Shower Door


On Tuesday, Clay from Valley Supply called and said that our glass shower door had arrived. Originally, when I called to let our Ron Lantz, our installer know, he didn’t think he would have a chance to install it until some time next week. Ron called me earlier this morning to let me know that he had a cancellation, and that he could come today.

Overall, we really like the shower doors. The glass is pretty and they look great with the tile.



I also really like the oil-rubbed bronze hinges and handle.



Unfortunately the glass panel and the top of the door don’t line up together at all. The stationary panel is about 1 inch higher than the door. I’m not sure if the door was installed too low or if the panel is the wrong size, but it definitely looks like somethings is off. By the time Ron was done installing the door, Valley Supply was already closed, so I’ll have to wait until Monday to call Clay and see what we can do about fixing the situation.



Ron also had to prop up one side of the glass panel in order to make everything come out even. He used a couple pieces of a roofing shingle to prop up one of the hinges. He said that you are supposed to use some type of rubber, and he has found that the shingling works the best without shrinking over time. The crack between the door and the panel is very straight and looks really good, but I’m just not sure about how the hingle looks.



The door also seems to rub on the curb. Ron assured us that it is supposed to be that way in order to have a good seal, but it almost seems too tight. Hopefully, we will get it all straightened out soon.

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