Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


1.) Updates to the blog. We are still working on some of the little bugs with the blog. So if you come to the site and you see a July Archives to find anything that you may have missed.

2.) Carla. Last week, I posted about my new Pea friend, Carla, that I met last Saturday on the Photowalk. Her younger brother died this week, and she’s been on my mind a lot this week. Please pray for her and her family as they are dealing with this loss.

3.) Evaporator. We ended up having to replace the evaporator in the jeep this week in order to get the A/C to work. It was just about a month ago that we had to pay to have some boot thing on the jeep replaced. The jeep has 160,000+ miles on it, so I guess we should expect repairs like this to come up, but recently they are starting to pile up. With all the house commitments, we just aren’t ready to look for a new car, so we’re just hoping that this will hold us over for awhile.

4.) Nathan’s shoulder. Nathan shoulder is still pretty sore. The doctor said it could take 4-6 weeks to heal, but it doesn’t really seem to be getting much better. His softball season is most definitely over.

5.) New designer. I found out this week that we are gettting a new designer at shop next Thursday for a new face and some awesome releases.

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