Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


My favs for the week…

1.) Computer geeks. I am so, so happy that my computer is working and that it only took a day or so to get fixed. I’m so grateful that I have friends that are so willing to help me figure things out and willing to loan me spare computer parts in the process. I’m also pretty proud of myself that I was able to test things and replace the video card myself.

2.) AWS day. We are lucky enough to work at a place that allows an alternate work schedule. So basically, I get every Friday off and Nathan gets every other Friday off. Today happens to be one of the ones that we both have off. I love when we both get to sleep in and just spend the day together.

3.) Free samples. I love free samples! I sign up for them pretty much any time I see an offer, and this week it seems like I have gotten a new free sample in the mail every day. If you would like some free samples of your own, check out Money Saving Mom because she is constantly posting about good deals and free samples.

4.) Lunch time surprises. Thursday when my mom picked me up in the morning she said Dad said he put a surprise in my lunch. When I went to get my lunch, I was happy to find not one, but three surprises! I had a fruit cup, a couple chocolate chip cookies, and my sandwich was on a crescent instead of the regular bun. Do I have a good dad or what?

5.) Baby tomatoes. If you remember awhile back we planted a tomato plant in one of those Topsy Turvys. Surprisingly enough, we haven’t killed it. In fact, yesterday I found these two little tomatoes.


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