Lori Pickens

Dell Dissatisfaction


So this is going to be my official rant about how irritated I am right now with Dell?

I ordered a new Dell laptop on June 2nd. I did the build your own version, but I didn’t select any options that didn’t come standard on their website. When I placed the order, they gave me an estimated delivery date of June 17th. I even asked at the time if that was a pretty accurate date, because I was considering upgrading to overnight shipping to make sure I got it fairly quickly. The lady assured me that they almost always meet or exceed their estimated delivery dates. Ok, great! So I left it with the 3-5 day shipping and waited for my laptop. I don’t believe in calling and constantly asking the status of something, but I do frequent their website where I can view the status of my order myself. After a week or so of being “In Production” I logged on and found my estimated delivery date had been moved to June 29th. Quite unhappy with this news, I sent an email to my sales rep. and also called the customer service line to find out what happened. They basically told me that this happens a lot and wasn’t something to be worried about. When I asked why the delivery had been delayed, they explained that they can’t see any of the details about the account, but it typically happens if parts are late getting to Dell or if something was on back order. They gave me nothing to make me feel better about the situation, and said they couldn’t be held accountable if their vendors were late getting stuff to them. They couldn’t even promise that it wouldn’t be pushed back again later! We asked to speak with a supervisor, and she told us that it is a typical thing, but she assured us that the laptop would be here by the 20th. Still not what I was promised in the beginning, but better than the 29th? I logged in the next day, and the estimated delivery date was now June 24th. I was incredibly frustrated, but I did want the laptop, and I had waited this long, so I basically just accepted it and waited. What’s really funny is one of the customer representatives that I spoke with initially told me that I couldn’t even cancel the order at this point if I wanted to. She said I would have to wait until I received it, and then ship it back ? me paying for the shipping! She said by indicating that now on my file, she could save me the 15% restocking fee that I would be charged. Are you kidding me??? The supervisor we spoke with said this was not the case, but still absolutely ridiculous for their customer service to tell people. So I wait? today is the 18th, a day after I was supposed to receive the laptop. I log in today, and find that my estimated delivery date has now been moved to July 7th. How can it seriously take a computer company more an entire month to build a computer??? Two days ago we called, and they told us it was in the “boxing stage” and would probably be shipped within a day or two. The online status is still “In Production” but the supervisor could see the location of my order in the production process. They said it was still in the boxing stage and had no idea why the date had been moved. All through this process no one has ever offered anything to try and compensate for the poor service. We asked if they could upgrade me to overnight shipping for free to try and get the delivery soon, and they said they weren’t able to change anything about the order after it was placed. They never once offered to throw in a free bag or extra battery to make up for the inconvenience, which is something Dell used to do all the time. Absolutely nothing! I checked the status again, after I spoke to someone, and the date is now moved to June 30th. The whole thing is just ridiculous, and I am really disappointed in the customer service at Dell. My estimated delivery date has been changed like 6 times, and I don’t have any real feeling of security that it won’t be moved again. I would like to think that this was just a fluke and not an indication of the decline in Dell’s service, but my co-worker ordered a laptop for his father-in-law for Father’s day a week or so before I ordered mine, and they have done the same thing to him. His delivery date has been moved several times, and he has been given no real indication as to why. He and I are both still waiting?

So if you have some free time today, please call Dell and tell them that you were planning to order a new computer, but after reading this you have decided not too? 🙂

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