Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


1.) Nathan and I finished up a few of our Christmas errands today. We’ve had the majority of our shopping done for awhile, but we had to take some stuff back and exchange some things.

2.) We’ve experiemented with the decorations for the outside of our house over the last week or so. We got some garland with lights and bows for the front porch. For a day or so we had it as swags between the columns. Then we had it as spirals going up the poles. Today, we boxed it up and took it back. I think I like it better without it.

3.) Sing off. Commited and Street Corner Symphony both made it to the finale. Woo!

4.) Country Roads. My Uncle John posted this as his facebook status, describing the John Denver song: This song has special meaning tonight. I just got a job that’s bringing me home. John found out that he got the new FBI job he had applied for and he and his family will be moving back to West Virginia! I am so happy for John and Michelle, and double-happy that my favorite little buddy will be living less than two hours away!!!

5.) Tonight we are going to Shane’s graduation party at the Marietta Brewery. It should be lots of fun! Congrats Shane!!!

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