Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


1.) Paint Issues. They finally made a decision on the paint. Sherwin Williams is going to pay to have the problem areas repainted ? which is a large majority of the house. They are going to call and arrange for three different painters to come out and go through the house. Each will submit a bid to Sherwin Williams, and they will average the three bids. That will determine the price Sherwin Williams is willing to pay , and from there we can pick between the three offers. The first guy came today, and we have the other two scheduled for Monday. I know it still may be awhile before everything is finished, and we can start moving more things in, but I’m just so relieved to finally be moving in some direction.

2.) Snack Fairy. I opened my cabinet one evening this week to find this. The “Snack Fairy” had brought us an entire bag full of treats. Maybe the Snack Fairy knew we needed a little pick-me-up after these long days of dealing with house stuff or maybe said-Snack Fairy has been asked to wait at the house for long hours this week to meet the cable guy, and the furnce crew and the Sears repair man, and is tired of having nothing to eat. Either way it was greatly appreciated ? thanks Snack Fairy! 



3.) Kenny Chesney. Would someone please ask Kenney Chesney to stop including two-minute-long intros at the beginning of his videos before the music even starts? I listen to GAC and CMT pretty often. Mom and I listen to it in the mornings while we are working out. Sometimes I just put it on in the background while I’m cleaning or doing chores around the house, and frankly I find his long intros to be unnecessary and irritating. First he did it with his You Save Me video, and now I have to deal with a three minute long football pep talk with his Boys of Fall. Seriously, an eight minute video is excessive ? especially when most of it is not even singing! Everyone else manages to tell the story while the music is playing, so why can’t he?

4.) New appliances. Now that all of my new appliances are functioning properly, I’m actually quite happy with them. I LOVE the steam fresh option on our dryer, and the convection oven on the microwave is quite handy.

5.) TV wires. Nathan’s big , giant TV in the family room was so flat that it actually sat too close to the wall for the electrical outlet and cable outlet to plug in properly. Today Clair recessed both of them back into the wall, so the TV could lock in place against the wall. He also cut a few holes in the drywall and made a section where we can run the wires from the TV through the wall and come out at the bottom where the HD box and DVD players plug in. That way there will be no wires showing from the outside. I meant to take some pictures of it all while the TV was down, but they put it back up before I got a chance to. This is the hole on the other side, where we can help guide them out the bottom. It is in the hall closet and has an easy access panel.


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