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Five on Friday


A recap if you will…

1.) Eye drops. I went to the eye doctor again today. This is the third time in the last week or so, four if you count my original stop at Med Express. Last Friday, my left eye was red and hurting. We had been out meeting with landscapers all day, so I just figured it was allergies. Well, Saturday we went to Columbus to look at garage doors and attend my Cousin Rebekah’s graduation party. All day long it just got worse and worse. Still thinking it’s allergies, I have Mom stop at Walmart on the way to the party, so I could pick up some Visine Allergy. Big mistake! Usually, when I use Visine it burns a little, but is more of a soothing burn and only lasts a few seconds. As the drop rolled to the lower, left corner of my eye, I wanted to die. It felt like someone was jamming a needle into my eye. After an evening of suffering and grossing out all of my cousin’s guests with by bloodshot eyeball, I went straight into Med Express when they opened on Sunday. The doctor said a piece of dirt or something must have gotten in my eye and scratched it. She gave me a prescription drop, and said it should be better within a day or so. The next day, it was not much better, so I made an appointment with the an actual eye doctor. He called it some technical name and gave me another prescription, this one for a steroid drop. Again, he said I should be much better in a couple of days. Couple of days went by, it was better, but still pretty red and painful. I go back. He gives me a stronger steroid. Couple days go by, my eye is getting better. I went back today, just for a check up. He said it is doing much better, but as he is examining me, he discovers I have an eyelash growing on the inside of my eyelid. Apparently, it was growing straight at my eye, which concerned him. He spent some time pulling it, and wants to see me again in three months. If it grows back, he might want to laser it. Let’s pray that it doesn’t grow back!. So after four co-pays, three different eye drops, and one very cool pair of sunglasses, my eye is irritated, but definitely on the road to recovery!



2.) Easytone. For awhile now, I’ve been intrigued by those new “shapers” shoes that are supposed to help tone while you walk, but I really hated the looks of the Sketchers ones. They were so big and bulky and looked like platform shoes. Well, while we were in Columbus shopping, I happened upon Reebok’s version. They are a lot lighter and noone else would really even know that it wasn’t a normal shoe. I’ve had them for about a week, and I really like them.



3.) Crystal and Lee. I haven’t been following American Idol quite as closely this year, but I could have told you months ago that the final would be Crystal and Lee. They have always been my two favorites, so I’m pretty happy to see it work out that way. I think Crystal is actually more talented, but I would be more likely to actually listen to Lee’s style of music, so for me it’s a toss up.

4.) Free Frappe Friday ends. After a good 4-week run, the local McDonald’s have ended their Free Frappe Friday program. This saddens me greatly. I love Frappe’s! I love free stuff! This was a win-win situation. I know I could still just buy one, but it wouldn’t be the same.

5.) Kyle and Katy. I’ve got all of the wedding pictures uploaded and I am slowly going through them. It’s going to take me awhile to finish and upload their gallery, but I promise to share a few of them as I go. Chuck was kind enough to share some more on his blog, so feel free to hop over there and check them out: More Katy & Kyle Bowles Wedding Pictures.

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