Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


Another week down….

1.) An actual day off. Today was the first Friday that I had off, where I didn’t have 15 house errands to run. I still had a few new house-related items to take care of, but for the most part I got to stay home.

2.) Running. I took advantage of my day off and the nice weather to go for a run. I love running! I ran about 4 miles and then walked a couple. My running buddy comes home from college in three weeks and I can’t wait!.

3.) Siding. The wrong siding issue has been taken care of. The correct shaker style is supposed to be delivered next Tuesday.

4.) Columbus. We are making another trip to Columbus tomorrow to hopefully finalize our granite order and pick out the exact slabs they will be using.

5.) Milo. A few people have been asking about Milo, and I’m sad to report he is still missing. I think it is going on a little over 5 weeks since we have seen him, so even optimistic-me is feeling a little down about the situation at this point.

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