Lori Pickens

Driveway and Downstairs drywall


Kendell is planning to have the driveway poured tomorrow, so we went out and tried to determine what size and shape we want. The size in our contract price included a 36×20 pad. When Kendell had this staked out, it just didn’t look right. It was way too small for the area up there, so we decided to add on. This is the shape that we ended up with. I think we will really like it, and it definitely gives us enough room to turn around and move cars in and out easily. It’s going to cost us a little more, but in the end, I think it will be worth it.



They are also continuing to drywall on the main floor. They have just about all of the ceilings done. Except the one in the two-story family room – I think he’s trying to avoid that one.


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