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Five on Friday


It has been quite awhile since I did a Five on Friday. I guess I got wrapped up in the house updates and forgot about them. I kind of miss having a weekly recap of my daily activities outside of the ones I photograph and share, so I’m going to make an effort to bring them back!

1.) Bad, bad blogger. I know that I have been really bad about keeping the blog updated daily. I tend to pile up on my posts, and them back-date them all in one massive posting. I am going to try and do better about getting them out there every day or so.

2.) Sabic sucks. The local company, Sabic (formally GE), announced formally today that they are going to lay off another 80 employees. This more or less cuts the plant down to nothing and will directly affect some of our immediate family and close friends. So please pray for the employees and their families as they work through this and try to figure out where they go from here.

3.) Milo is missing. He has been gone for almost two weeks now, and we are starting to get worried. We never really intended to have pets in the first place but we, along with my parents, would just like to know that he is OK. People have told us that if a cat is in heat, he can stay gone for up to a month, so we are still holding out hope. He’s a tough little guy. The week before he went missing, he brought home two dead mice and a large rabbit – all headless!

4.) We got our income tax all figured out (thanks Mom!) and ready to mail this week. One more item checked off the to-do list!

5.) Speaking of to-do lists… mine is about a mile long. I feel like I am drowning in house decisions. Every night is filled with trips to Home Depot or meeting with flooring people. Nathan and I are both completely exhausted. We need to get some definitely decisions made and items ordered by next week, or I think I’m just going to give up on the whole thing. Cabinets, granite, and flooring – must haves this week!

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