Lori Pickens

Cabinet doors and misc. items


Today I thought I would share some of the other miscellaneous items that they have completed this week. They installed all of our bathroom ventilation fan/light units in the bathrooms.



They also shimmed the wall connecting the mudroom and the garage. They had some wider plumbing that needed to run down this wall, so they had to extend the thickness of it.



For over a week now, Kendell has been wanting to pour the concrete in the basement and the garage. Unfortunately the rain hasn’t cooperated with his plans. They have already delivered the wire that will be used inside of it, so at least we are ready to go when the weather lets up.



Nathan and I also made a trip out to our cabinet makers. They made up a sample door for us that we liked, but was a little redder than we were picturing. The one on the left is the sample board; the one of the right is what we are asking them to match. They said they would work on some more samples for us this week. Hopefully we can come up with something that will work.


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