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Five on Friday


Here’s my week in review. Todays might actually end up being more than Five on Friday, because I have a lot to talk about. You can just consider the one’s past five as bonus – because you know I love all things “bonus”

1.) My friend Shannon called me last night to let me know they were taking her son, Michael, to the children’s hospital in Columbus again. Poor little guy has been diagnosed with feveral seizures. Several times he has actually stopped breathing during them, but thankfully this time he did not require a breathing tube. Please just pray that they get his medicine straightened out or that the little guy grows out of them soon!

2.) Taylor Swift and this whole Kanye West mess. For those of you that read my blog often, you know I’m a big Taylor Swift fan. She seems like such a sweet girl, she writes amazing lyrics, and I just overall like her. What Kanye did was ridiculous and would have been hurtful to anyone, but to do it so someone so young and sweet like Taylor is just awful! Some celebrity that they were interviewing said something like, “How could he do that to her – it’s like stepping on a puppy!” My thoughts exactly! He apologized and that is all well and good, but to me – he ruined her moment, and that’s something she can never get back.

3.) Thug Story. Ok, so I’m still on my Taylor Swift soap box for a moment… If you haven’t seen it, you should go over to Taylor’s website and see the video she made called Thug Story. It is hilarious! Taylor Swift

4.) This week I turned 26. I’m still getting birthday wishes and cards in the mail. I just want to add one more great-big thank you to all of my friends and family!

5.) Breaking Free. Our women’s bible study started back up this week. This time we are doing Beth Moore’s book called Breaking Free. If you are looking for a good bible study, I highly recommend Beth Moore’s books. I loved the first one, and I’m really excited to get started on this one.

6.) I had lunch with Mandy this week. We just always have such a good time chatting and catching up.

7.) Milo came home a couple days ago with a great big gash in his front, left leg. It was starting to look worse, so we decided to take him to the vet today. They cleaned it all out and gave us some antibiotics for him. He is going to stay with Mom and Dad for awhile, or at least until he heals up some. Poor little guy just gets in too many fights at our house.


8.) I’ve also been doing some scrapbooking lately. Here’s a page I did for Nathan and my wedding album.

The quote reads:
Forever, for always,
and no matter what


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