Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


This has been a pretty awesome week for me:
1.) CT’s. I was asked by two other scrapbook designers at 2Peas to be on their Creative Teams and work with their products. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this!!! You can check out both of their blogs to see more about amazing designs:
Jen Allyson
Mary Ann Wise

2.) The half is here. The half marathon is tomorrow morning. It feels like I have been training for it for quite awhile, and I’m just excited that it is finally here.

3.) Nathan sent me flowers yesterday, and it just brightened up my week. I am working on some pictures of them to share.

4.) Kyla’s wedding dress. Kyla called me this morning and asked if I would go wedding dress shopping with her, her mom, and her grandma. It meant a lot that she values my opinion that much, and it is just something fun to do. Kyla looked absolutely gorgeous in about 10 different dresses, so I would say she has some tough decisions ahead of her.

5.) The land. While I was dress shopping with Kyla, Nathan called to say that they accepted our offer on the land! Woo hoo! I was already having a pretty amazing week, and this news just put me over the top! We still have to do all the legal/closing stuff, but if all goes well we will soon be the proud, new owners of 4 acres. 🙂

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