Even more of Faith

Even more of Faith

A few more pictures of Faith to share. I’ll put all of them up in a gallery once I’m finished editing them, but for now, here is your daily fix of Faithers.








Faith and Gracie








One of the images that Tara asked us to try and get was a picture of Faith’s hands with her two tiny rings on. I believe the rings were given to her by her Mamaw Pickens and her GG (great grandma).

I have to say this is one photo mission that we failed horribly. And yes, I am making Jeanie share the blame with me on this one, because she didn’t have any better luck than I did on getting Faith to wear the rings and then gently place her hands together on the blanket. In true two-year-old fashion she would put them on and then take them off, then she would want to put them in their boxes, then take them out of the boxes, and the vicious cycle continued. So, this is the best we came up with. I’m not in love with it, and will definitely try again another day, but I at least wanted to let Tara know we tried 🙂




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