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Five on Friday


I have been a really bad blogger this week, but I promise to get back on the stick. Plus, Five on Friday’s are a great way for me to recap my week and get caught up on the things I haven’t had time to post about. So without further ado?

1.) My Dream that never ends layout won this digital weekly challenge. Looks like I have some shopping to do? you can check out the announcement here if you’re interested.

2.) Bones and Pburg. Yes, my obsession with Bones continues. Not only is it an awesome show, but this week they even gave a shout out to little old Parkersburg. Seriously! They were trying to identify a body, and they had determined the man was from Tennessee, Kentucky, or West Virginia. They did some lab work and found that the body had high C8 levels. I thought to myself, “huh, I have high c8 levels?” Then one of them said that C8 is found Teflon, and the other one said, “There’s a Teflon plant in Parkersburg, WV.” I was pretty excited. I half expected them to cut to a scene where Booth was interviewing my dad at DuPont ? that didn’t happen, but the whole thing was pretty cool anyways.

3.) Pink Lemonade. This week 2Peas is having a CHA celebration. CHA stands for the Craft and Hobby Association, and twice a year they have a big scrapbooking convention. I’ve never been, but places like 2Peas and Digital Designers do a lot of fun online activities. One of which was a chat with one of my favorite designers, Carina, who along with Jen Allyson gave away this free Pink Lemonade kit. I’m in the process of making a new layout with it, so check back next week for that.


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