Lori Pickens

Digital Morph v.3


I know I have said it before, but I truly have the greatest group of scrapbooking friends at 2Peas. The digital gals there are amazingly talented, super supportive, and are always coming up with fun, new challenges for us. Recently we decided to do another round of the Digital Morph. Basically it’s where we each take turns using the person’s layout before as inpiration for a layout of our own. The last couple of rounds we have done a “blind” morph, which is kind of like the telephone game in that you only see the layout of the person before you and noone else’s until the very end. It’s pretty neat to see how the original layout started and what we ended up with. This time we split into two groups, so the process would go a little faster. It’s also interesting to see the different direction each group took. You can see the full morph of both groups here:
Group A
Group B

I was part of Group B, and you can see my layout for the morph below.

For credits and more info, please check the scrapbooking section.


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