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Decorator Blog Hop


If you are a scrapbooker, you are in for a treat! Today we are having our first DHD Decorator Blog Hop. If you’re not familiar with the idea, basically you can hop from blog to blog and pick up some great freebies.

If you missed the Designer Blog Hop, you should check it out here:
iNSD freebie

You can download my quick page: here

For this Blog Hop each of us are making a quick page with the designer’s kit. You can pick up each layout, add your own pictures and journaling and have an entire coordinated album done in no time.

So if you’ve landed here, I hope you will make yourself at home, read a little and then pick up my freebie.



After you’ve downloaded my Quick Page, make sure you hop over to the other ladies’ blogs and pick up the rest:

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Journaling for my Bryleigh page:
You are the sweetest, happiest little baby. You freely give out smiles to anyone and everyone. I have honestly never seen such a happy and content baby. Being as cute as you are, people are destine to love you anyway, but you sure make it easy to do.

I love to watch new people visit and play with you. You laugh and smile at them and people always say things like, ?Oh, she likes me.? Deep down I?d like to tell them they could probably be poking you with a sharp stick and you would just smile back at them, but we just smile back and say, ?She sure does.? The smile of yours could light up a room, and on most days it does.


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