Lori Pickens

Dad’s Bazinga


This is the story of how we told my dad that we were pregnant. One of my dad’s new favorite shows is Big Bang Theory. He loves Sheldon! Even more, he loves when Sheldon says, “Bazinga”. Bazinga is Sheldon’s catch-phrase for when he tricks someone or is basically saying, “Gotcha!” Although, my dad, in theory, understands why Sheldon uses it, he basially thinks it just means a surprise.

For instance, on my husband’s birthday, Dad snuck into our house while we were at work and left a plate of cookies, and a note that simply said, “Bazinga!”

I knew that I was going to have to work the Bazinga into the big news for my dad!

I had borrowed a copy of Justin and Heather’s ultrasound and printed it along with one of ours. I put them both in frames with the label “Baby August” for Justin and Heather’s baby and Baby October for ours. I added the “Bazinga” label to ours of course!



The original plan was just to sneak them in the house and wait for Dad to notice them. At first we put them on the mantle above the fireplace, but despite several attempts to get him to look at the mantle, we gave up and moved them to the cabinet in the kitchen. I even cleared everything else off, so they would be hard not to see. We even purposed sat on the right side of the table for dinner, so he would have to sit in one of the chairs that face the pictures. It took QUITE awhile, but he finally saw them and said, “What’s this?”



I think at first he thought they were just different stages of Heather’s ultrasounds, but when he thought about the dates they didn’t make sense. He looked at them for what felt like forever, almost like you could see the wheelse turning in his head, but he just hadn’t got there yet! And then finally he did!



I think he likes his Bazinga! 🙂

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