Lori Pickens

Check engine light


On top of all the house stuff we’ve been dealing with, the jeep has decided to act up as well. Last week, the radiator hose blew up. Nathan was driving and the jeep started to overheat. DJ, the guy working on our yard, is also a mechanic and was kind enough to help Nathan replace the hose.

Then last night as we were driving home the check engine light came on. The jeep basically just felt like it didn’t want to accelerate, and the whole thing vibrated. I took the jeep into AutoZone to have it checked out. They hooked a little machine up to it and read the codes that the check engine light was indicating. They said it was throwing two codes, but basically the problem was our ignition coil. I guess our model has eight of them and they are a part they see go bad fairly often. The part was only $30, but it was late on a Saturyday afternoon before we could get it in and we weren’t sure if anywhere would even be open. The guy at AutoZone said it was a really easy fix and shouldn’t take anyone more than ten minutes to change. We asked if they knew of anywhere that they could recommend. He said he didn’t know because he usually did all of his own work. Half joking, half serious, I asked if he did work on the side and what time he would get off work. He said he got off in a few minutes and he would be happy to change it for us. He came right out to the parking lot and swapped it out. He said we didn’t need to pay him, but we gave him something for his trouble anyways. I’m sure it would have been more if we had to put it in somewhere and we probably would have had to wait until Monday to do it. He reset the check engine light, and so far it seems to be OK. He did say that if it was like that for very long we may need knew spark plugs, but only time would tell if the light came back on.

This is the part he changed out:



The jeep has over 163,000 miles on it, but we were hoping to keep it for a couple more years, so I’m really hoping this does the trick.

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