Ceiling Backdrop Stand

Ceiling Backdrop Stand

Today Nathan and Marvin finished installing my ceiling mount backdrop stand in the photo studio.



I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. Now all of my backdrops are all neat and easily accessed. Instead of changing out an entire roll of paper, now I just roll one up and roll another one down.



These are the colors I currently have: Thunder Gray, Chesnut Brown, Sea Mist Blue, Coral, White and Black.



  1. Tim Wright says:

    Hi Lori. I have a question about your ceiling mounted bkgrd rack. I recognize the “Expan” system components ( made by Manfrotto?), however I have not been able to find a level ceiling (not wall) mounted piece of hardware like yours. Any tips?
    Thank you so much for your time. Gratefully,
    Tim Wright

    • Lori Pickens says:

      It is actually the wall mount, we just flipped it and mounted it to the ceiling instead of the wall. I actually think it works better horizontally rather than vertically because the pulley chains have more room and don’t get tangled on each other!

  2. jennifer elder says:

    Did you continue to love this set up? it looks amazing but was it durable? Easy to roll up and down? Any feed back would be great before i purchase.

  3. Love this! What mounting did you use? I have a tiny studio and am looking for a ceiling mount option. Do you still love it?

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