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Transformers bumblebee cake round from Little Stir Bakery

Best places to order a Birthday Cake – Parkersburg, WV

I wanted to share some of my favorite local places to order a birthday cake.

Little Stir Bakery

Our go-to place to order birthday cakes is Little Stir Bakery. Their cakes are delicious, and they always do a fantastic job at nailing the theme or vision we have for the cake.

McHappy’s Donuts and Bake Shoppe

My dad’s favorite cake comes from McHappy’s. Their cake are also moist and delicious. Frankly, everything they make is! We have the family tradition of birthday donuts, and McHappy’s is our number one source for donuts too. And while you are there, do yourself a favor and get one of their iced sugar cookies – you will NOT be disappointed. McHappy’s has two locations, one in Belpre, OH and one in South Parkersburg. I have had great quality food at either one. If you are shopping for a cake last minute, and one doesn’t have the flavor you are looking for, check the other one, because sometimes their on-hand cakes are different from one location to the next.

Great American Cookie

As a mom of twins, we often end up with two cakes at birthday party. We let the boys each pick their own theme and preferences. One of them is just not a fan of traditional birthday cake, so often he will opt for a cookie cake instead. They are a bit more expensive than a cookie cake from Kroger or Walmart, but the cakes for the Great American Cookie in the mall are delicious. They can do a design with icing, or often we will just have them do a simple design and borders, and we add a few figures to the top.

Dairy Queen

If you are looking for another non-traditional cake choice, you cannot go wrong with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. If you want to have a name put on it, I would recommend calling a week or so ahead, because they don’t always have staff on hand that is skilled at writing with icing.

Village Cakery

Our wedding cake was from the Village Bakery in Vincent, OH. It was delicious and very well done.

Tiffany’s Magical Cookie Creations

If you are looking for a fun add-on to your party list, I cannot recommend Tiffany enough. She makes the cutest themed cookies! They are always a big hit at the parties and make a great decoration or even party favor for your guests.

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