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25 and 365 days


25 and 365 days… that’s how old I am today. As much as I love birthdays, I’m starting to get tired of this whole getting older thing. So to ease my anxiety about turning 26 Nathan said we could start counting my age in days from now on.

Overall, I had a really great day. I took the day off from work, because noone should have to work on their birthdays. I slept in and just took it easy all day. I had lots of cards and birthday wishes! I’m so luck to have such amazing family and friends!!!

So I finally got Faith’s gallery all uploaded. Note to self – ask Justin about making a bulk uploader!

Here is the link to the complete gallery:
Faith Turns Two

And just for kicks, I thought I would share a few more…


Since she was in an Americana outfit we were trying to make her look like she was saluting. We used a combination of the Zacchaeus song and telling her to look at the birdie in the tree.


sweet little dolls


This was what she would do when we asked her to put her elbows on the number two.


130_5I think this is her way of telling us she is over the photo shoot!

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