Lori Pickens

Window wrap, drywall and ceiling samples


They are getting ready to trim the outside of the windows. First, they put this stuff called Window Wrap around all of them to help seal them.



Also, they hung the drywall in the second story of the family room.



They are continuing to tape and mud the down stairs.



They are going to be working on the ceiling upstairs shortly, so they made us a couple of sample boards to see the options. I know it is hard to tell from the picture, but the one on the left is a “bump” and the one on the right is a “knock down”. The one on the right is a basic bump, and then they come by with a scrapper and basically knock down the part that sticks out. It is almost like a flat ceiling with a very light texture. That’s the one we’re going with.



They are adding the trim/accessory pieces to the outside of the house. The two items on either side of the front door will hold our outdoor, coach lights. The box in the lower, right-hand corner is for a ground-fault electrical outlet. We are thinking those are a little big and not the same color of our siding. Kendell is looking into other options for us.



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