Lori Pickens

What color is this?


This is a layout for Faith. She is in a phase where if we ask we what color something is, regardless of what it is, she will answer pink. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that was the only colors she knows.

Journaling reads:
Pretty much from the time you started talking we would constantly ask you, ?Faith, what color is this?? It was our attempt to improve your vocabulary and also help teach you your colors. By the time you were around one and a half, you could pretty much tell me the color of every ring in your play set at my house. Today is a different story. I?m not sure what happened between then and now, but nowadays when we ask you what color something is your answer undoubtedly and without hesitation is pink! Maybe it?s because so many of your things are pink and that tended to be the correct answer most of the time. Maybe we have just surrounded you in so much girly, pink stuff you actually only see pink. My guess is you just have your own stubborn way about things and like to say everything is pink. Either way, my sweet girl, I have to tell you that everything in this world is unfortunately not pink!

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