Lori Pickens

We have siding – but not the right siding


We typically drive by the house on our way home, just to check out what’s different from when we went out at lunch. As we were driving up the road, I saw siding on the far side of the garage. We’ve been excited to see the outside of the house actually with some of the finished materials on it, but as we began to pull up the driveway, my excitement all went away! From half way down the driveway, I knew something didn’t look right. I got out of the car, ran over, and sure enough – that’s not the siding we picked.



Our siding is a shaker style and this one more like a plain shingle. I already spoke with Kendell, and we will have to work on getting it straightened out tomorrow. Talk about a major bummer!!!

I also want to point out, just for the record, that we have had the siding picked out from before we even started building the house. I will call this old blog entry, Exhibit A: House Decisions – October 29th, 2009.

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