Lori Pickens

Waiting out the Storm


Today we had quite a storm, some people even said they thought it looked like a tornado.  It came up very quickly and had lots of loud thunder and hard rain.  I know a certain little boy who was not a big fan of the scary storm.  Good thing Logan had Nana to keep him safe!  It was so cute – he would jump and latch on to her every time the thunder boomed.

I web_07_08_2014_Storm-2e


Cohen on the other hand thought the storm was pretty neat.  I’m pretty sure he and Sawyer both would have ran straight out into the pouring rain. Cohen especially liked the flashlight quota that was given out after the power went out.


After the storm settled down a little bit, we wondered onto the porch to look around at all the trees down and destruction in the neighborhood.  Again, a certain little boy thought the whole thing was pretty cool.  Puddles on the porch – yes please!  He also thought it was quite funny when he threw said flashlight into the outside bush and Pap Pap had to go out in the rain to retrieve it.  Silly boy.


We were lucky enough not to have too much damage.  We had several branches down but none near the house.  The trampoline, normally in the backyard, ended up way in the front yard almost in the road and now the side net has a whole in it.  But other than that, we were quite the lucky ones.


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