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Three Little Monkies


Brody’s birthday party is coming up soon, and Tara decided on Sock Monkies as the theme. I personally LOVE Sock Monkies! I also knew that I already had some fun ideas bookmarked on My Pinterest board. I immediately told Tara that Fun Aunt Lori would happily make the kids some fun, new Monkey party outfits.

I bought the supplies and took them up to my project partner (Grandma Reber), and we got to work. I’m happy to say that I know three little monkies who are now ready for a party!



I made Brody a cute, little onsie with a monkey and a number one.



I used fabric and fusible wonder-under to applique them to the shirt. Each one is hand stitched with lots of Fun Aunt Lori love.



The girls each get special shirts for the party too. I originally saw the idea on the blog of one of my photographer friends: .

Just in case anyone wants to make their own, here are the basic steps:

1. Buy the shirts and socks. The socks can be ordered online, or I picked mine up at Crafts 2000.

2. For the monkey, we cut about two inches above and below the heel of the sock – this will be used for the face. The top part of the sock will be used for the sleeve. The toe of the sock can be used to cut out parts for the ears.

4.) We cut out pieces for the ears. Put the right sides together and sewed around the outside edge, leaving the bottom open. We then turned them inside out.

4.) We pinned the face on the shirt and sewed around the outside edge, with the ears pinned in on the sides. We then sewed around the mouth to tack it down.

5.) I hand stitched across the mouth and then added the button eyes.



Here’s a better look at the sleeve. We turned the shirt inside out, and just sewed the sock to the hem of the sleeve.



I can’t wait to see the kids in them! They are going to be so cute 🙂

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