The new bedding

The new bedding

I’ve had most of our bedding picked out for awhile, but it didn’t seem necessary to put it on the old bed and it didn’t really go with that furniture, so I just decided to wait until I had it all ready to put together. We finally got the furniture and then ended up having to wait two weeks before we had a mattress. Luckily for me, my hubby got tired of waiting and just drove to Pittsburg to pick up our mattress himself.

So… today I go to decorate and put all of our bedding together.



It’s not perfectly complete, but it gives you and idea of the look I’m going for.

The white bed spread is from Restoration Hardware.
The teal pillows are from Target.
The brown blanket is from Bed Bath and Beyond.



Grandma and I made the big brown pillows to match the blanket.
The teal throw is from Crate and Barrel.



I have a few other plans for pillows and decorations, but so far I’m loving how it’s coming together.




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