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Ten on Tuesday


1.) Horrible blogger. I have been a bad blogger before, but when I logged in the other day and realized it had been almost an entire month since I last updated, I knew I was really behind. I know it is just an excuse, but I honestly blame the crazy amount of sickness that has been going on in our house. For three weekends in a row either Nathan or I was sick! First he had the upper respiratory infection (which he still has a cough from), then the next weekend I got sick to my stomach (like REALLY sick to my stomach) and then the next weekend Nathan was lucky enough to get the stomach virus too. So basically all I’ve accomplished over the last month is cleaning and sanitizing. All of which basically did no good and had to be repeated the next week. Ughh.

2.) I actually just went to the doctor again yesterday. Back when I was sick, I had these terrible stomach pains and was still so nauseous, so I went to Med Express. They said I was extremely dehydrated and wanted to give me some fluids through an IV. They also gave me Finnegan which is an anti-nausea medicine. I eventually got better, but ever since the arm where they put the IV has been really sore. Not sore where they put the needle in, but lower on my forearm. After talking to Tara this weekend, I found out that they aren’t suppose to give Finnegan through an IV any more because it has been shown it cause vein problems. After questioning Med Express’s decisions I decided to see my real doctor yesterday. She said the same thing about Finnegan and said I probably have an infection now. She gave me an antibiotic and said to keep warm compresses on it and take ibuprofen. It kind of bums me out, because I used to really like Med Express, but I’m starting to question their quality now. They are also the ones that told Nathan he broke his knee cap, when he didn’t. Part of me wants to call them and ask why they are giving Finnegan through an IV if it isn’t approved anymore. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to though…

3.) Zumba. Heather and I went to Zumba last night. It is so much fun and Becky does a great job teaching the class. I’m glad to have a Zumba buddy to go with now too.

4.) Project Management Specialist. Justin got a promotion at work. He does such an amazing job, and I am proud of him.

5.) Uncle John. My Uncle John is in town. He started his new FBI job in Bridgeport this week and is staying with Mom and Dad some until their new house is ready. It’s been nice having him around. I can’t wait until Michelle and Evan are closer too!

6.) Financial Peace University. Our church is hosting a Financial Peace University program begins on March 28th. It is open to anyone who wants to join. I’ve heard really good things about Dave Ramsey’s programs, so we are thinking about giving it a try. Anyone have experience with it that they want to share with us?

7.) Cruise. This year is Nathan and my 5th wedding anniversary, so we decided to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Our cruise is a seven night trip with ports in Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico. We’re pretty excited!

8.) Bachelor. I’ll admit that we watched it this year for some odd reason. I think it was just something we added to the DVR schedule and watched now and then. After the finale and the After the Rose ceremony last night, we have decided that it is a dumb show with a very twisted outlook on relationships. All of the girls he didn’t pick are now heartbroken. More Chantal is still devastated six months later. The girl he did pick basically doesn’t trust him because after he proposed to her she then gets to watch him make out with other women and tell them how much he cares for them every Monday night for the next six months. After seeing Brad and Emily last night, I’m thinking there is no way they are going to make it!

9.) Taylor Swift. We got tickets to the Taylor Swift concert this summer in Columbus. I am so excited! Like crazy, teeny-bopper excited! I don’t care if that makes me silly, I like Taylor’s music, and I think the concert will be a lot of fun.

10.) Projects. I have more projects going on right now than I can count. It feels like I never have enough time do to all of my ideas. Hopefully as I get some of them completed, I can share a few more details about each here in a separate blog post.

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