Lori Pickens

Summer fun


Today was a pretty busy day. Kyla and I ran nine miles this morning. We had originally planned to run ten, but neither of us was feeling the greatest. We still have awhile to go before the half, so we figured it was better to go with how we felt rather than push ourselves.

After a little cleaning and housework, it was time to get ready for Whitney and Adam’s wedding. This was the second Saturday in a row that we attended weddings, but I love a good wedding, so no complaining here. Whit looked beautiful, and they all did an amazing job decorating the reception. We hardly recognized the DuPont Activities building! I took a few pictures so hopefully I can share some of those in the next day or two.

But until then, here’s a layout I finished up last night using Audrey’s sales products for this week.
For credits and more info, please check the scrapbooking section.


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