Stairs and More Rooms

Stairs and More Rooms

We stopped out at the house on our way home, so I was able to take a few more pictures of the progress from today. I’m am very excited to announce that… we have stairs!!!



For some reason this just makes me feel like our house is finally a “house”. I figure we probably need a roof before I start feeling to complete with my housing structure, but there’s something very cool about walking upstairs in your new house as opposed to climbing a ladder.



They have just about all of the interior walls upstairs now. I think we are just missing the master closet (so excited for this!!!) and the laundry room left.



This is a look at our master bedroom.



And this – once a wall is added – will be my photo studio! How awesome is my husband for letting me use half of our upstairs for my hobby!!! Let’s just hope my future kids love me as much when they are teenagers and are eyeing the big, giant room down the hall with it’s own bath 🙂




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