Spencer – the Mansigner

Spencer – the Mansigner

One of the very cool things about DHD is that we have our own Mansigner (their words, not mine) – Spencer. Spencer is married to the fabulously talented, Jen Allyson. I think it is neat that they get to work on a project like DHD together. Plus, Spencer gives a fun new perspective to digital scrapbooking. Here is a layout I made with some of his new stuff

Journaling reads:
There’s nothing quite like a child’s imagination. In reality, Evan was just sitting on a plastic truck in the middle of the mall. I’m not even sure we paid the quarter for the thing to shake or move around. None of that matters to a four-year-old little boy though. To him he’s in the middle of a wild car chase, having the time of his life!


For credits and more info, please check out the Spencer Nugent
You can also check out a bunch of layouts made by the DHD Decorators, all using Spencer’s kits. It’s really neat to see how many different layouts can come from one designer. Designs by Spencer



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