Lori Pickens

Rough nights


The good news is Cohen slept almost 6 hours straigt last night. I’d say he’s very close to being ready to “sleep through the night”. He does so good these days. He wakes up to eat, we change his diaper and lay him down and he pretty much goes right back to sleep.

Sawyer – on the other hand – is a completely different story. That 6 straight hours of sleep would have meant a lot more if Sawyer had been asleep for any of it! The boy just doesn’t sleep and definitely not at night. We are at a loss for what to do with him. We propped up his bed more, because Patel thought maybe it was acid reflux. We’ve tried letting him cry it out – he would litterally cry for 5 hours straight if we let him. I’ve never seen lung stamina like his. He will sleep if he is laying on your chest, so a few times we have given in and just let him do that. Needless to say, this momma and daddy are feeling pretty tired.

Thanks goodness for Mamaw and Papaw who have the boys right now, so we could take a nap and share this lovely update with you. Pictures coming soon!

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