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Recipe #6 – Seven Layer Dip


Nathan needed to take a snack to his men’s bible study this week, so I pulled out one of my grandma’s recipes for a seven layer dip. This is great with nacho chips.

The first layer is a can of refried beans.



The second layer is sour cream mixed with a taco seasoning packet



The third layer is cream cheese. I know this layer looks a good bit like the previously one, but the sour cream/taco seasoning just kind of gets mixed in.



The fourth layer is a package of cheddar cheese.



And finally top with chopped tomatoes.



Now, if you are an observational person, you may now be thinking, “That’s only 5 layers and your title was 7 layer dip…” Well, I stop here at this point because I don’t really like green onions or black olives, but you are free to add those if you would like.

Here is the recipe:

Layered Dip

1st Layer = 1 can refried beans
2nd Layer = 8 oz sour cream mixed with 1 package taco seasoning
3rd Layer = 8 oz cream cheese
4th Layer = 1 package chopped cheddar cheese

Top with black olive slices, green onions (chopped), Tomatoes (diced and seeded)

Serve with corn or tortilla chips


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