Lori Pickens

Park Hoppers


While in Orlando we got Disney Park Hopper passes, which means we can go to any of the parks or even multiple ones in the same day.

On Friday, we started off at Animal Kingdom. Overall, this was probably my favorite park.



That evening we met our friend Michael and his family at Disney’s Polynesian restaurant called Ohana. The meals are served family style, which makes sense since in the Hawaiian culture ‘ohana means family. The food was really good. They bring skewers to your table of steak, chicken, pork, and shrimp, and you can decide which you want. Side dishes include stir-fried vegetables, fried dumplings, lo mein noodles and a salad starter. They also had this delicious bread and a yummy dessert.



After dinner we went to Epcot. I can’t give a fair opinion of Epcot, because the night we were there pretty much all of the rides were closed. They had some kind of power outage and pretty much the only thing open was the restaurants and gift shops. We decided to wait around for the fireworks show.



The second day we started off at Hollywood Studios. It had some neat stunt shows and a fun Toy Story ride.



That evening we went to Magic Kingdom. I loved the It’s a Small World Ride, and even though it was freezing, we all rode the Splash Mountain ride.

That night Magic Kingdom was open an extra three hours, and it seemed like everyone in Disney came to the the park. There were SOOO many strollers everywhere!



Overall Disney was fun, not something we want to do again any time soon, but overall it was OK. The weather was a little colder than we would have liked, but we made the best of it.

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