Lori Pickens

P365 – Day 2 Take 2


I was sitting here, actually finishing up my blog post for today, feeling a little down about my P365 project. Here it is only day two, and I already felt like I wasn’t putting the right effort into it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the pictures just because they are cute snapshots of my boys, but Project 365 is about actually capturing what happened that day and also working to improve your photography skills – quickly taking a picture in the bath tub right before the boys go to bed doesn’t really fulfill either of those goals. So I was just sitting here feeling off about it and then this happened…

My poor sick little man woke up from bed coughing and not feeling well. Daddy brought him downstairs and snuggled him back to sleep. I look over and see his cute little feet dangling over the blanket beside me. I knew – even at 10pm – I needed to go and get my camera back out, and I’m glad I did.



In photography, it’s fun to play with different angles and perspectives to tell the whole story, so I slowly backed up.









This tells the story of today. Poor little guy – exhausted, chapped face and tussled hair


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