Lori Pickens

Our First Night


Tonight we spent the first night in our new house. We went back and forth all day about whether or not we were going to stay, and then we finally decided we wanted to go ahead and start sleeping here. They still have a good bit of touch up painting to do, so we basically just brought up our bedroom furniture and clothes, but it’s a start. We barely got here before it was time to go to bed, so there was a lot of time to try stuff out. I did attempt to make lemonade, and found that the water was a little too yellow before I added the lemon packet. I guess I need to give it a week or two to flush the lines before I make lemonade. We both slept well, and it only took us 15 minutes the next morning to figure out how to turn on our fancy shower. Overall, it was a pretty good first night.


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