Lori Pickens

Our Dining Experience


Every night in the main dining hall we had dinner at 6pm. They had two scheduled dinners, either 6pm or 8:30pm. There was also a “my time dining” that served the same menu as our dining hall, but it did not have a set time and did not take reservations. There were also several more casual buffets and places you could stop in and eat dinner at any time.

We actually really liked the food at the main dining restaurant, so we went there pretty much every night after the first one. The first day we were so confused and turned around, we didn’t know what was going on.

This was our table each night. I thought it was nice that our cruise gave us our own two-person table.



This was our head waiter Jimmy. We had the same waiters every night, which was nice because you got to know them and they took the time to remember your name and your preferences. Jimmy knew I wanted salad without dressing, that I was allergic to some things, etc.

He was super nice and did a fantastic job!



This is Elvis. He was our assistant waiter. He was great too; very friendly and helpful!



This is the family at the table next to ours. Even though we had separate tables, we spent several evenings talking with one another over dinner. You could not have asked for a nicer family to be seated beside! I was so worried when I originally thought we would have assigned seats with other people, but we completely lucked out with this family. Their kids were so cute and polite. Getting to see them each night helped me miss Faith and the kids a little less. Overall they were just a sweet, Christian family that we really enjoyed getting to know throughout the week.



We exchanged email addresses and such, so just in case they find their way to my little old blog… Charles and Kim – it was such a pleasure meeting you and your family. I hope we can all stay in touch from time to time. Your kids are absolutely adorable and some of the most well-behaved children I know!

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