Lori Pickens

One of those days…


Today was one of those days, when we should have just stayed home.

The day started off lovely. We had a great morning at church, lunch with Marvin and Jeanie, spent some time packing for the ski trip, and Country Cabinets came out to get some measurements for the basement cabinets.

At one point in the evening, we had both stopped running around and were sitting in the family room. Nathan asked what else I needed to do today. I said that I didn’t really need to do anything else. He commented that he would be just fine staying in the rest of the night, and I agreed. For some reason

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though, after that, Nathan said that we really should go into Lowes and get a humidifer for the upstairs. I commented that it would be nice if I could stop at Grandma’s and pick up the cookies she made for me. So we got ready and out we went.

Mom needed to return some tile, and I had left my purse at their house, so she met us in at Lowes. Mom came into the store and asked the Lowes clerk for some help with the tile. It was two, heavy boxes of ceramic tile that were broken when they delivered it. Being the good son-in-law that Nathan is, he offered to go out and load the broken tile into a cart and bring it in. At some point between holding the tile and closing the hatch on moms’ car, one of the broken tile popped up and cut Nathan’s hand. He came back into the store with his hand all bloody.

The Lowes clerk tried to give him some first aid bandages, but we couldn’t get it to stop bleeding. It wasn’t a big cut, but was fairly deep. At that point, we decided he probably needed stitches. We stopped at E-Z Care since it was the closest to Southside Lowes.

He ended up getting four double-loop stitches. I’m not sure if that is the same as 8 normal stitiches, but the doctor put in a couple extra and made them tighter than usual since we are going skiing in a few days.

By the time we left the doctor’s office, Lowes was closed and we didn’t get the humidifier. About 5 hours later we headed back home, having accomplished nothing other than Nathan’s stitches and buying medical supplies to keep the stitches clean and covered.

This is a picture of Nathan in the doctor’s office getting the stitches. (Taken with my phone’s camera)



As I said earlier, we really should have just stayed at home. It’s lucky that Nathan is so tough though. That just looks painful to me.


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