Lori Pickens

Now That’s a Good Dog


Here’s a recent layout I did for Evan.

Journaling reads:
While Evan was in town visiting, a stray dog showed up in the neighborhood. Pap Bill said they dog?s name must be Midnight because we was all black, and because Pap made a fake, paper collar with the name ?Midnight? written on it. Pap and Evan spent the next few days petting and feeding Midnight. I think the whole idea of a stray dog that we knew nothing about made Michelle and Grandma a little nervous, but Pap assured them he was a nice dog ? based on the whole eight hours that he had known him. One afternoon Evan and I were sitting out on the front porch, and Evan was calmly petting Midnight, when out of nowhere he said aloud, ?Now that is a good dog!? He said it more as an observation to himself than even to me. Our Little Man seems more and more like Pap each and every day.



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